"Oh, You're So Lucky!"


So, let me tell you right now... don't ever say that to an expat.

As an expat, I've

been unemployed,

been lost,

been robbed,

been without friends,

been unable to speak the language,

had a child in a foreign country with no help from family,

been mistreated at a job,

had to hide in my studio while a crazy neighbor tried breaking in,

had to sleep on the floor of that same studio because I had no money to buy a bed, and when I bought an air mattress it was defective and deflated,

been followed while going back home from work at midnight.

worked 2 jobs and at one point, worked for 23 days straight, until I almost had a breakdown.

Do I regret any of that?

No, not at all, it made me who I am today, I am more grateful for my bed today than I ever was, I am aware of my surroundings and I appreciate when someone helps me with my child, that little bit more.

Life is life, you can pretend that everything is picture perfect on your Facebook/instagram accounts, but this is all it is, a picture; a snippet of ones life. You have bad days and you have great, amazing days.

Am I lucky?

Yes, maybe and no. I am lucky, in the sense that I love my life, I love who I am and I am grateful for everything I've ever done and how I chose to live my life, even the hard bits.

Am I lucky because I live in a foreign country? Maybe, depends on the day. I still need to wake up everyday and go to work, I have to do laundry and cleaning and washing up. The country where I live now has pros and cons like any other country.

Am I happier than someone who has never been outside of their country? I could never say that. I bet they encounter some of the same issues as me, they also need to wake up, take care of the family, go to work, take kids to school, etc.

There is no "luck" here, in the sense that everything just comes easy because I live abroad. I live a normal life in a different country with its own challenges and peculiarities, and a lot of hard work.