About that Birthday Present


So, let's talk about my birthday present... I feel like a pro now. I've wanted a starter DSLR for a long, long time, and I got it yesterday. I'm so excited and really overwhelmed with all the buttons, lens, etc, etc. After work, today, I was taking some pictures and they weren't all perfect, but I really liked 5 of them, here they are:


Isn't this lake gorgeous? Right bang in the middle of office buildings, no homes around, so peaceful.DSC_0026

I love these 2, the flowers and the fire-pit, def my favorites.DSC_0037

That one below was yesterday, when I got home from work, my birthday present was waiting for me...


And finally the one from my back yard.DSC_0044

So, there, I've shown off my completely non-professional and very amateur shots.

It's My Birthday!!!


It's my birthday!!!!!! I'm not going to tell you how old I am, but you can figure out, well, actually, why not? I'm turning 40!! Wow, that sounds old, but you're just as old as you feel, right? So, I am enjoyed my last day on my 30's, relaxing and doing absolutely nothing.

How does it feel to be 40? We.... the same as it did yesterday. Thinking back in my life... all those years ago... ha, ha, ha, joking. But life has been good, some years to remember, some years to forget, but overall, it's been a blast.

The only people in this world I have to thank for me getting where I am are my parents. I love them so much and I wouldn't be the person I am today without them.

Now I'm off to work because although it is my birthday... someone has to work hard.


The 101 Guide to an International Concert

guide to concerts Ever since we moved back to the US, our lives have been the opposite of our lives in London. Instead of the fast paced, always doing something life, now it's a slow motion, take it easy, hibernate from the heat kind of life.

I've been to concerts in 3 different continents and the set up is pretty much the same everywhere, seats, bleachers, general admission (floor), although, in the US there are so many little rules for everything that it can take the fun out of it, seriously.

Last week was a little out of the ordinary, I went to the Bryan Adams concert, on Tuesday, then Fri and Sat to U2. I cannot explain how much I've missed going to live concerts because I didn't even know myself, I missed it so much.

US Ariways Center


For someone who's been going to concerts since about 10-12 yrs old, I know a thing or two about how to handle it. Now I am the kind of person who will stand on the floor, for me this is what a live concert is all about and that thing of seating down, maybe clapping once or twice is not for me. I'd rather stay home and not go at all. I like the crowd, I like the feelings you get, I love to watch the artist perform to the best of their abilities, right there in front of me.

What to Wear/Bring

  • Jeans
  • T-shirt- I was never one to buy concert gear, actually this U2 concert was the first time I ever got something, just as a momentum for my daughter's 1st concert. But if you have the band's gear, why not?
  • Comfortable trainers/tennis shoes
  • If you are a girl, red lipstick, mascara and eye liner. No need for anything else, after all, you will be dancing like crazy and... let's say... getting a bit stick by the end of it.
  • Tickets!
  • ID

What Not to Wear/Bring

  • Necklaces - they hurt and bother when you're jumping up/down
  • Pretty little dresses
  • Sandals, any open toe shoes, flats, high heels - you'd be amazed by the amount of people who do that, then complain they're getting stepped on, or that their feet are wet from all the beer spilled
  • Bags - jeans have pockets, use them - just don't put your driver's license in the same back pocket as your phone so you don't lose it, talking for experience here.
  • Guns, knives
  • Any food or drink as it will be confiscated

What to Do

  • Eat before you get to the venue
  • Make sure you're safe, especially at the end
  • On that note, watch those around you, make friends (if you're alone, or just hang out with your friends)
  • Set up a meeting point, like me and my husband, we like to enjoy concerts our own ways, so we just do our thing and meet up afterwards
  • Go to the bathroom before you enter the floor area, once you're on your spot, if you leave, you lose it
  • Check out where the emergency exits are and if anything weird happens, make your way as fast as you can
  • Stay away from drunks
  • Stay hydrated - I drink loads of water before and after, but not during it, but that's my way of doing it.
  • Bring your camera/phone - usually they'll not let you with a flash camera, as it bothers the artists
  • If you're up for it, head to the front and make your way as close to the stage as you can
  • If not, stay further back, you will enjoy it just as much, and probably not be bashed about
  • Get there about 2-3hrs before the doors are about to open. When I was younger, I used to get there up to 4hrs in advance and wait in line. It's fun and you get in the mood.
  • Be pleasant to those around you and expect the same courtesy
  • Take it all in, enjoy the moment, dance, scream, be a child again. Believe me, is watching...

What Not do Do

  • Camp outside the arena for 2-3 days... I've never done, it, I have no interest in doing it and refuse to do it.
  • If you do camp outside 2-3 days in advance, it's totally your prerogative, don't feel entitled to the show and think you deserve more than anyone else around you. You don't! You want to get to the rails, and camp outside day in and day out, fine, but don't ruin my night because you're hungry, dirty, and tired. I will be right behind you during the show, clean, happy, rested and with a full belly, so get over it.
  • Keep your driver's license on the same pocket as your  phone... please see items above.
  • Get drunk
  • Bring guns,knives, start fights
  • Don't complain about being pushed around, you're on the floor, in a concert, if that bothers you, pay for a seat

So, we watched U2 for 2 nights in a row, the first night we got seats because we brought our daughter, the next night we had floor tickets. I have to say, we watched 2 completely different shows.

The Edge

It's hard to explain the thrill of standing in a concert. Especially watching a band like U2, they're amazing. I've been a huge fan since I first heard of them many moons ago. If you watch Bono's face, he gets high on having 15000-30000 people singing his song in unison, I mean, come on, who wouldn't? It must be one of the best feelings in the world!

My husband and I were still on a high today, just talking about it. Simply amazing.


Oh, and as a joke, I made a little infographic about camping or not camping before a concert. Then you can make up your own mind if you'd be up for it or not.


Have fun!

Knowing vs. Not Knowing: Which One Are You?

I like to watch TV, movies, but I don't like to find out anything about it. I like surprises! Who doesn't? My husband, that's who. He really, really annoys me, after 12 yrs, you'd think I'd be used to it, but I'm not. He doesn't mean it, but he just says stuff. Paul reads it on the news or hears it from a friend and he feels the need to share the information.

Years ago, I remember my disappointment when I watched Titanic.  I was so excited! I had seen the adverts and couldn't wait... just to find out that they had shown almost the whole movie in the trailers I'd seen on the telly. Seriously, I'd seen all the exciting parts. I was annoyed.

So, tonight we were watching Grey's Anatomy, and for those who watched it, you know what I'm talking about, for those who didn't, I'll try not to spill too much out. Then my husband says: "They said a few weeks ago that was going to leave the show" !?!?! What, are you telling me what's going to happen?? Nooooo, please rewind, I heard it now, but I don't want to hear it...

That's it, that split second when you hear what's going to happen in a show or in a movie, it's over, it's all over!

You want to know what's going to happen in Nashville next week? Ask Paul, he will tell you.


Love you baby!

So, what about you? Do you like to know in advance, or keep it until the show.

Top 11 Daily Apps

I use my phone daily. I love my phone and I really do use it, but besides all of the apps I have, I have certain ones that I use every single day for one thing or another. My fav apps at this point in time are:

calendar  I use it daily to remind me of stuff I need to do. I never used to use it, I always liked the good ol' pen and paper, but now I'm finding it very useful because it's right there, right on my face.

camera The camera is a given. I take photos of Victoria daily almost and the camera on my Samsung S5 is amazing.

chromeMy fav browser. I just search everything on chrome.

dropboxAll my pics go on here, so I use it daily to check them and to save random things.

economist I subscribe to the economist and I get daily snippets of news not included in the magazine. It's a quick daily read to keep me updated.

email My emails... hummm, I get a lot of junk, so I basically spend all day deleting emails. Honestly it's not really junk, it's stuff I subscribed to at some point in my life, but not stuff that I want to read daily, so I delete them unless the header grabs my attention.

evernote  Love everynote. I just put everything in it. Now I need to spare sometime to organize it, but I just leave it for later...

google maps This doesn't mean that I don't know where I'm going, I'm actually pretty good around Phoenix, but I love using this map on my way to work because it gives me the quickest time to get to the office. Since I drop Victoria at school, I'm always short for time and trying to find the quickest way there.

instagram Everyday, all the time.

keeper The keeper, my brain cannot keep all of these passwords sorted.

whatsapp & viberChatting with my cousins, friends and my brother is brilliant.

What are your daily apps?