Who Said My Culture is Better than Yours?

I often read about different majority of immigrants in countries trying to live their lives like they used to live back in their home countries. I have seen it over and over again, people who only speak their native language, people who only want to eat their own food and don't give the new (chosen) country a chance.

I totally understand not forgetting about your roots and passing them on to your kids and celebrating your important events/holidays. Yes, I get it! I'm an expat! I have my own culture, traditions and roots to pass on to my daughter.

The one thing that I can't expect is that the people of the "host" country, my new country, my chosen country to start celebrating my holidays and adopting my traditions. For example, if I travel with my family to a country where man aren't allowed to show their hands (this is an example, remember), my husband will either wear gloves the whole time that we stay in that country or he might say, no, I don't like wearing gloves and covering my hands, so I will not visit that country. One thing that he wouldn't be able to do is go to this fictitious country and start changing the rules.

And yes, in Europe you do need to climb all of these steps all... the... time...

And yes, in Europe you do need to climb all of these steps all... the... time...

My point is, before you go, make sure you will be happy there. Countries will not change their costumes and way of lives for you, neither they should. You should move, accept and adapt to live like the natives do. We are all different and imposing your way of life onto someone else's is not what acceptance is all about. And am I not right in saying that if you want to move to a new country you want to be accepted? Well, funny enough, I've seen people complain about not being accepted into the new country, but when you look, they are living in a bubble, they are the ones not accepting the new culture and who don't make the effort to integrate. Then my friend, you cannot complain.

Like I said, celebrate your traditions, but accept the traditions of the country who is welcoming you with open arms. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it.