Turkey Day

One of the biggest holidays in the USA is Thanksgiving, I'd say it is the biggest, actually. Now that my daughter is in second grade, I'm learning all about the reason for Thanksgiving. Squanto, the pilgrims and cornucopia, but before all of that, as the name says I always considered a day for thanks.

Thanksgiving, As the name says it's a day (in my opinion it should be everyday) that you stop and think about how grateful you are for everything you have, for your family, a day to make amends and just be together enjoying each others company. Ironically, the day after is the famous Black Friday, when after you are grateful for everything in your life, you realize that there are things you really want but don't have, so, you go out, spend hours in line, fight with people over a TV and go home empty handed, mad at the world. But, hey, traditions, you can't argue, right?

Since being an expat usually means that your family was left behind, or you have an adopted family. Most of the friends you make (a lot of expats) become your family. In 2003 I worked in an Irish Restaurant, where majority of the people I knew were expats as well. I decided to have a Thanksgiving for the people who didn't celebrate Thanksgiving, or whose families were far away and they were going to spend alone. It was fun!! Since then we always had a Thanksgiving with our friends, played monopoly, drank good wine and laughed a lot. Wherever I am I celebrate Thanksgiving, it's a nice holiday and our lives are so busy all the time, why not enjoy that one day with the ones around you that you love?

So, there, every country has its own traditions, and why not adopt it? Make it your own, celebrate with people from your host country. Don't get so stuck only on your own traditions otherwise you might get very miserable and miss out on some really good food...

Believe me.. I've had my share of those... "I wish I was back home" moments...