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Booking Train Tickets in Germany - A Guide

Booking Train Tickets in Germany - A Guide

So, you are all excited, living the dream in Germany and of course, you have all those places in your head that you want to visit, why not? After all, it's Germany, in the middle of Europe, so many places to see, so much to do... Booking train tickets in Germany is easier than it might seem in the beginning.

Make Yourself a Good Spreadsheet

A lot of times, you are relocating, your company is paying for everything until you get there, then what?

  • How are you going to know that it's the right move?
  • What if you are moving somewhere more expensive than where you are now?
  • What if you own a home right now, but you will have to rent?
  • What if you drive 30 miles to work now, but the new office is right around the corner to your dream neighborhood and you could cycle to work everyday? But rent is a little too much?
  • What if, like London, the benefit of living far from the city centre is the rental/mortgage prices, but then you will probably pay the equivalent to a second rent with public transport?

My answer to all of these questions is, make a spreadsheet. Have it all on paper, in front of you, so you can make the best informed decision for you and your family. Even if you are moving somewhere to study, or if you are moving on your own, especially if you don't have a company backing you.

I've prepared this spreadsheet to make it easier when deciding. I have it in PDF format and excel format because it will make it much easier to edit the categories. Be honest with yourself and let's get to work!

Where are You Moving To? There Might Be an Event Going on.

Every country has events through out the year, and with this blog, I want to provide information to not only people trying to move abroad, but those who are living elsewhere in this vast world of ours as well. I thought it would be cool to do a printable on events per month through out the world, and I tell you... it was a lot of work! But I enjoyed it, it was fun. Of course, I am aware that festivals, events will be missing, but it's a list that I plan on updating every year, so if you don't see a major event this year, let me know and it will make the cut next year.

Right now I have January's list (sorry for the delay), I hope you will enjoy it and who knows, there might an event near you that you didn't know about...

January world festivals 2015


ps- If you also see any mistakes, please let me know.

What Are you Going to Do about This Travel Bug in 2015?

A lot of people are content where they are, without travelling, and that's absolutely fine. Isn't this a wonderful world because of our different opinions? Now, there are people who always wonder... what would it be like to see this place and that place... what would be like to speak this language or live like them?

Sometimes it's a dream and it doesn't have to be only a dream. Put it into paper! Write it down! Visualize it! Believe!

Since it's almost 2015, and we are all setting goals, thinking of what we did in 2014 (or didn't do), I've created a worksheet to give you a little push... You can print it and stick to your wall or save it to your computer screen. Best of all, it's free!

(I'm planning follow up posts for these tips in due course, stay tuned)

Expat goals 2015

Forget about how to lose weight or how to stop smoking goals (although, they are valid...), let's set "let's live in another country" goals!