Plan Your Move Abroad, the epic new FREE email course from TheXpat Channel, is here.

You've probably read online or seen pictures of lots and lots of people with their computers on their laps and a cocktail in their hands with the caption: "Another hard work's day" or something to that effect.

I'm sorry to bust your bubble, but most people, including you and me cannot just drop everything to travel the world and live by the beach.

What you don't see on the photo is that a lot of planning and work went into it before they were at the beach.

I created Plan Your Move Abroad, the free email course from TheXpat Channel, because I receive a lot of emails from people asking me how can they move and that they are ready to pack their things and go, etc, etc, etc...

What people don't think about is that they need a plan. They need visas, depending on the work they do, they need language skills, a place to live, school for their children, and lots more.

And I’m sure YOU’RE probably confused and irritated too because you’re ready to change your life and move somewhere for whatever reason, but you don't know where to start! There is so much to do, so much information out there that you might spend years just trying to get it all together.

Believe me when I say that even after over 20 years of being an expat I still do research, but I have a plan. I know where to go to find my information and the decision is much easier. For example, I can get my pros and cons list and get the thought juices floating.

I stopped believing everything I read online. I stopped trying to be like the person on the other side of the screen because everyone in the world will have good and bad days. Everyone in the world will have their problems and you my friend, will not know about it because they (just like you and me) do not want to share their life problems online.

So that's what Plan Your Move Abroad is all about. It's a 4-day (with a bonus at the end) to help you know everything you need to do for your move abroad. To guide you from A-Z on the move process and to show you a better way.

Sign up here, it's 100% free.