Becoming an Expat... Is It For Everyone?

The straight answer is NO! It isn't. I have many people who have thought about moving and working somewhere else, for different reasons, but in the end there is always something that comes up and they keep putting it off. Or they do go, but then after 6 months, or 1 year they can't stand it anymore and go back. Remember my story?


And by no means, I'm saying they are wrong!!!! Not at all. In my opinion,people are always making the right decisions for their own life, as long as they are not hurting anyone else and they are fully happy with the decisions they've made.


But most of all, packing up and moving to another country isn't for everyone, just like sitting in front of a computer all day long or being a sales person or dealing with the public isn't for everyone either.

One thing that has always worked for me is getting a piece of paper and writing down all the pros and cons of a decision. I always do it, it helps me visualize and understand things. For example, when we moved from England to the US, this last time, one of the pro was: after school care prices, in England we paid the equivalent to $800/ month, where as in the US we would pay $160/month, (if Victoria stayed in after school care 5 days a week) but we actually pay $32/month! Massive savings right there.

We obviously didn't base our decision solely on day care prices, but it was one of them.

Planning is essential. It is a very big decision that will impact the rest of your lives. Check out my 5 day FREE course to get a head start

So, my opinion is, maybe go study somewhere, a neighboring country, go learn a new language for a bit. Read about the country you are thinking about making the move to, speak to people who live there, although I'm always wary of that one. People sometimes tend to make everything sound rosey and amazing, even when it's not. It doesn't matter if you live in China, Brazil, England, everyone has good days and bad days, there are always good things and bad things that happen, things you like and that you don't. No life is perfect!!! The grass is not always greener on the other side. Just be mindful of that.

In future posts I plan on writing some of the pros and cons that I've come across in my years of living away from my home country.

You might decide it is for you after all.