What is the all the Fuss about Heidelberg Castle?

Heidelberg castle was the first castle I visited when I arrived in Germany this time around. I'd been living here for about a month when my cousin visited and since it's not too far away we decided to check it out.


It was a very cold April day and we literally went to the castle only, then after we drove along the river (on the other side) so we could take it all in and admire the beauty.

The castle and the city survived the war, as did most university towns around Europe, but over the centuries it also survived fires and many other attacks. Today it's just ruins, but still a beautiful construction, that was never finalized as planned. Many kings called Heidelberg castle home, including King Friedrich who married Elizabeth Stuart, of England in the 1600's.

Heidelberg castle also hosts a giant wine barrel, which used to hold 130,000L of wine. That wine was received by the monarch as tax payments. And they kept the wine in the barrel. I guess they didn't care that all the wine was mixed in together from the different vine yards?

At Heidelberg castle you can pay and visit the grounds, the wine barrel, the gardens (I didn't go to the gardens, way too cold), and the pharmaceutical museum, but inside only with a tour guide and paying extra. The view from the grounds is worth though. You get the view of the old town.

Where is Heidelberg Castle?

From Frankfurt - Train: 58min, Car: 1hr10min

From Cologne - Train: 1hr50min, Car: 2hrs30min

From Munich - Train: 3hrs, Car: 3hrs35min

From Berlin - Train: 5hrs25min, Car: 6hrs15min

How Much does it Cost?

Adults 7euros

Concessions 4euros

(children 6-14 years old, students up to 28 years old, and people with disabilities)

Heidelberg castle