Be Prepared to Embarrass Yourself


Who's never? I for once am the queen of embarrassing myself, of course for the purpose of this post, I can't really remember funny moments, but believe me, there's been many. This week everyone has been talking about Putin, who trying to be a gentleman, made the mistake of placing a shawl over the Chinese First Lady's shoulder. If the president of Russia, who you'd think has all of his assessors guiding him through this International Relations world makes mistakes like that, imagine us, regular people who are just trying to make a living or study abroad or buy bread?

I used to have an Indonesian friend who had her parents over (mind you, I wasn't living in Indonesia, this was in Switzerland), one day, I threw all the bananas away because they were going bad, just to find out that her mum wanted the bananas to make some kind of a dessert. I wanted to hide myself in a hole, I was so embarrassed.

Once you move and start to interact with the "natives", no one knows whether you will like your new place or not, or how long you will live there for, but one thing is for sure, you WILL make a fool of yourself at least once or twice.  And that's ok! It shows that you are trying to mix, trying to meet people, trying to get to know the culture.  Not to add that it will all be very funny later...