10 Days... ok, 9 - A Cleanse

A few days ago I started a brown rice cleanse for 10 days, and I did it!!!

My dad did this cleanse once and he raves about it. He did with a doctor and all, so I figure, since my parents are visiting, they could  give me loads of tips and advice, which they did. I'm excited!

10 days would be today, but I really stopped yesterday, this morning I had 2 slices of toast with green tea for breakfast. So, what was this "cleansing": Years ago, when I was a child (just the other day, really), my family started (totally against my will, of course) a macrobiotic diet. Which is a very strict and healthy way of living. It's good stuff. Growing up I was NOT a veggie and fruit kindda kid, I basically didn't eat anything and would have lived on junk food if allowed. So, I was not keen on this new life at all. When my dad first started, he went to the expert and the doctor recommended this brown rice cleanse. It consisted of brown rice, toasted sesame seeds and ban cha (a cousin of the green tea) for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast: brown rice porridge topped with toasted sesame seeds (mix toasted brown rice flour with boiling water until it's smooth and the texture is of porridge - I got it so wrong the first few days, but got the hang of it in the end). Drink ban cha after breakfast

Lunch and dinner: cooked brown rice, topped with toasted sesame seeds, parsley and spring onion (or chives). Drink ban cha after each meal.

By the 7th-8th day I couldn't see brown rice in front of me, seriously. On the 9th day I had a small omelet for lunch (no milk or cheese) and soba noodles for dinner, with veggies and miso soup.

I felt so much lighter, even after the first day, and my sense of smell (which is good anyways) was 10x better. Seriously, a bit annoying actually because I could just smell everything.

Weight wise I lost 7lbs. I know some of it I will gain now that I've started eating "normal" again, but I've never in my life done a diet. I don't like diets, this one was really to clear the crap from inside my body.

Reasons why I don't like diets? I don't think they work in the way of losing weight. I mean, you lose it, but as soon as you go back to eating normal you gain it all back. Also, during the diet, all you do is crave food!!!! I know I did. Goodness me, I just wanted to eat everything that had grease in it. It's a horrible feeling.

My conclusion is, I was right all along, diets suck. Exercise and eating normal, but in small portions and not eating (too much) junk is the way to go. In saying that, I'm glad I did it, my body needed it and I proved to myself that I could do it.

One little problem that I foresee... I didn't calculate things really well because the 10 days ended the day before Thanksgiving... oh well...