Blogging with a Purpose, at Last


I've been a blogger on/off for years now. But I've been having a long break from blogging lately. The reason is that I wasn't happy with having a "my diary" style blog anymore talking about my days and what I like and dislike. I wasn't blogging with a purpose, and then I lost interest. There is nothing wrong with a diary style blog, but just like the blog world, I have also evolved. I think I should be contributing to the world with something, anything...  but I just couldn't decide on what, or how! It has really been driving me crazy! I feel like I need to say stuff, but I don't know what!!!! Have you ever felt this way?

So in my mind I went through an elimination process. What I like what I dislike, what I can see myself writing about or not. In the end, it turns out that the elimination list went like this:

Beauty blog, no way. I don't use millions of beauty products, don't buy new clothes every week and don't have my hair done every other day, so that REALLY doesn't work. Plus, I think there are probably more beauty blogs out there than travel ones...

Craft, decoration, gardening blogs, no chance. I'm not crafty or have any gardening skills whatsoever. Maybe I can write how to kill plants and grow weeds because that's all I seem to be able to do.

Cooking, sports, parenting blogs, nah, not interested and I can't do anything if I have not interest invested.

Travel blog, I've been traveling my whole life, but there are sooo many travel blogs around... plus I never remember which restaurant I went to or write details on everything I see, so that's no good because I wouldn't be much help.

Photo, video blogs, not really... I'm no photo professional. I take photos everyday, but they are my photos, some are blurry, some are sideways, some are dark. They are snippets of our life.

After a few days of thinking and writing pros and cons, I got it! My answer is... I am good at moving. Relocating Well, I can't come over and pack your home or bring your pet to take vaccinations, but I can help you have a less stressful move.

Helping people, Yes, I like that. I like the helping part by sharing my experiences shedding the light. My goal will be to make it easier on you, from someone who's been through it many times over.

There, in a nutshell, my decision was made.

Let me Explain...

I was born in Brazil, but I've lived outside of my home country for the past 19 years. Since 1995, I've lived in Switzerland, USA, & England, so I have done my share of traveling and moving.

When you move, there are many, many emotions going on. It might be excitement to be moving to a new place, sadness for leaving friends and family behind, happiness for getting that promotion, or all feelings mixed in together.

Do you do pros and cons lists? I like absolutely love them.  They help me so much. I do them every time I need to make a big decision, like before we moved to England, when moving from the England to the US, when changing jobs.

On that note, I've created a blank worksheet for your own pros and cons. You can use it for whatever and it will help making decisions easier, trust me.

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