Bilingualism and Kids, it's hard

  There you have, this is us! A bilingual family... well, some of us... Paul knows the very important words in Portuguese, such as beer, more beer, good beer, where's are the restrooms, I'm hungry, and stuff like that. Victoria on the other hand has a much larger vocabulary. She is not fluent, but she understands a lot, more than she lets on. It's great when my parents visit because they speak Portuguese all the time with her. I, on the other hand, am really bad at it. I must speak to her more in Portuguese... When she was a baby I spoke to her in Portuguese all the time, then she got smart and realized that I spoke English and things got harder. But I have to say... I love her accent. It's too cute!!! According to InCultureParent, some of the benefits to raise bilingual kids are that they will:

  • Focus better
  • Be better at multitasking
  • Have better creativity
  • Learn another language easier.

The moral of the story is that teaching kids another language is important, I was always fascinated when I lived in Switzerland, most of the people I met spoke 2 or more languages, a really good German friend spoke 6 languages, that's right, 6! Amazing. A couple of great sites are:, (with a great podcast) or