25 Years of the Fall of the Berlin Wall


This year I had the chance to visit Berlin for the first time. I have friends from Germany and there was a school reunion that I was fortunate enough to attend. It was brilliant! But as I was touring the city alone, before the reunion, I just had to get up super early and make my way to where the actual wall stood. There are markings that tell the stories of people like you and me who wanted to escape. A better life, family, lovers, freedom, anything. Some made it, but many didn't.  Pieces of the wall are also spread all over the city, so you definitely won't miss it.

When you live somewhere (whether you were born there or not) you must obey rules, pay taxes, learn the culture, etc. Government sometimes will impose rules that might or might not be the best for the people of that country. Unfortunately.

A few more photos of pieces of the Berlin Wall:

Visiting Berlin was an eye opener. Depending on the place where you visit, you can imagine the fear, you can almost see the people's wishing for a better life, trying to jump a window or go through a tunnel, and the family on the other side, waiting for them.

Like I mentioned above, some were successful, some weren't. The hope that one day humanity won't suffer like that or worse will always be there. Maybe one day...