Yesterday evening, we watched the speech from President Obama on immigration. Accountability was the word he used to describe the "deal" he is making with illegal immigrants already living in this country, not someone who is coming through the borders today or someone who is planning on coming to the US in 1 year. He is protecting those who work hard, pay taxes and respect the country that they live in. The President also made it clear that this is not a gateway to citizenship or permanent residency, it's just temporary.

The requirements are:

  • Must have been in the USA for more than 5 years

  • Must have children who are American citizens or illegal residents

  • Must pass the background check and pay taxes

They expect that about 5 million people will be affected by it. All criminals will be deported, hence the background check.

As the President reminded everyone, this is a country who was built on immigration. The Native Americans were here minding their own business when their land was discovered. It's a country where laws must be followed and if you work hard and pay your taxes, you can have a stable life.

I mentioned on a previous post that I don't think it is a good idea to live everything behind to move illegally to another country. I always stand by it. In saying that, in my years of living here I've met a few people who entered legally, but stayed longer than they should and their status then changed to illegal. All of the ones I know paid taxes while being here illegally and worked really, really hard to make things work for them, and they did. Again, in my opinion it is a huge risk that no one should take, especially if you have kids and family. Chances are you will get caught. More people get caught than not. On top of all that, you would be living in the shadows, like a criminal.

I've read some reactions from the Republican party and they are not happy. I've also seen on television the reactions of those who live "in the shadows" who are very excited for what the future holds for them. Now I am waiting to see what congress will do.

Nowadays when you think of illegal immigrants in the US you think of Mexicans because this is what is talked about in the media. People often forget that there are illegal immigrants from all nationalities in the US, decades ago, there were the Italians, before that the Irish, but now it's cool to be Irish or of Irish decent. Unfortunately the Mexicans are on the spotlight at the moment, but this rule will be for all illegal immigrants, not one nationality in particular.

Reminder that this is not meant to be a political post. It is a fact of the US society. I am not claiming to be from one or another party or to favor or disfavor the president.