The Pain of Finding Essential Services

doctorI don't know about you, but I find it so hard to find a good doctor and a good hairdresser in a new country/city/neighborhood...

If you're like me, you are only going to look for a doctor and a hairdresser when you need one, I mean, why would you look for a doctor if you're not sick? You just want to stay away from them! (no offense). And hairdressers... once in London I had my hair turned orange, it took me twice as long to get my hair back to normal, argh! Oh, and that was this other time in Virginia when the hairdresser made me stand up with my head down the whole time while he cut it, and let's not forget the dentist who did a dental cleaning and my roommate and I couldn't eat for 2 days after because she was so violent!

Here in Phoenix I've been through a few doctors and a few hairdressers until I found a good one, the problem is, it all costs money and it takes time (or different diseases) to find them.

So I thought I'd leave a tip here in case someone stops by who is actually in Phoenix, here is my hairdresser, the owner's name is Rachel, she is super nice and does exactly what you want.

My Family Nurse Practitioner is great too, she is very attentive. The practice is near Dunlap ave, if anyone is interested.

2014 in Review - All About Me!!

Sometime last week, before the New Year, I got an email from Google+ with my "year revisited". Well, according to Google, my year was not my year, it was my 7-yr old's. Her school play, her summer swim lessons, her pool parties, etc, etc, etc. Ok, I confess, I take pictures of Victoria ALL the time, but come on! What about me? I was alive in 2014... or was I? So, this post is all about ME. My 2014, because not only I am a mum, but a wife, a professional, a woman, a daughter, and an aunt to the cutest thing ever, you get it.

I guess, if you think about it, why did I start a blog? To talk about me, of course, yes, in the most selfish of ways. Don't fool yourself that it's to help people who are thinking to move abroad nooo, this is all a cover ;-) So there!

01 Jan



02 February


03 March




04 April

IMG_3167.2014-04-01_002154 IMG_3339.2014-04-23_202451

05 May

A lot of DIY in 2014


Superbowl volunteer

06 June



07 July



08 August



09 September




10 October

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2014-10-08 09.38.30

2014-10-07 19.54.48


11 November


20141128_141919 20141127_191420

12 December2014-12-24 11.01.03P1100936It was indeed a wonderful year.

The End.

Current Affairs Matter

The US and Europe went trough a very bad recession between 2007(ish) - 2010 (ish). Thousands of people lost their jobs, their homes, companies went bankrupt, it was really bad. Even though the worst has passed, the economy has not fully recovered (I'm talking about the US now), we are almost there. The good news is, employments are up from last year and, according to CNN Money,  2014 has been the best year for job growth since 1999, only the month of November has seen over 300 thousand new jobs, amazing since a considered "strong" month would be 200 thousand.

During the recession many expats left the US and went back to their countries. I know a lot of Brazilians that used to work in the US went back home, the same thing happened in the UK, a lot of the Polish people who lived and worked in various parts of the UK went back to Poland.Blog post

I guess now that the unemployment rate is decreasing and the economy is improving we will see more immigrants entering the US and Europe again, that's a guess, as I am not an economist ;-)

Even if you don't live in your native country you should always understand how your new country's economy is doing, so you can make better decisions for you and your family.