9 to 5 and Odd Jobs - Immigrate only Legally

Dolly Parton anyone? No? If you are planning on living in a foreign country, one of the steps is to investigate and plan. Like I mentioned before, there are different reasons why people move and  one of them might be for work, either your company is transferring you abroad or you decided to take your chances and find work else where.

I would never, never, never advise people to move illegally. It's never a good idea, you will be hiding all the time, stressed out, living in poor conditions, earning poor money...

Brazil for example, granted over 70,000 visas in 2011 to foreigners working mainly in engineering, IT, and finance. Here, here and here are some information on heading to Brazil to work as a foreigner.

Not taking myself seriously, obviously....

Not taking myself seriously, obviously....

Each country has their own requirement. Some more than others. Nowadays there is a lot of information about working temporarily in, lets say, Australia or Thailand, picking fruit in farms or teaching English... That would be cool, right?

This is why I created a course to help people plan their move. There are so many people who don't even know where to start looking or what they need to think about. Make sure to check it out as it's totally FREE!!!!! Packed with info to get your mind thinking.


Another idea would be to try and figure out what country(ies) is(are) opening their doors to immigration. I've learned through the years that depending on how a nation's demographics is looking, they decide to "open the gates" just a little, for a few years, let qualified people in with specialized visas, with the promises of a residency or citizenship. Canada did this. It's my understanding that now they are changing their rules a little, expecting some more expertise from the candidate.

You know, I just did a few searches here, quickly trying to find some links to add to this post and I found quite a bit of information, but I also found a lot of notes to be aware from fraud. Always, always be careful, when finding out information. If something seems too good to be truth, it usually is. I have a friend from S. Africa who received a random email once offering her a green card. Plus it added that all expenses would be paid once her and her family arrived in the US. Really? Crazy, it just doesn't happen. So, go for it, but be careful out there.