And Then She Turned 9


Every year I ask myself and the universe the same question... "How the heck did this happen?"

My little girl is 9! Each day she has more and more of an attitude, yeap, she drives me insane on a daily basis, but she:

  • is cool
  • is smart
  • has a sense of humor
  • knows what she wants
  • knows what she likes and doesn't like
  • can make friends very easily
  • changes her mind a million times a day, just like she changes clothes (literally)
  • acts a few years older and then, a few years younger, but maybe that’s just how 8-9 year olds act like? Who knows?
  • thinks it’s all about her when it’s not
  • loves her cat
  • loves life
  • loves shoes
  • whines like a champ
  • always wants the opposite of what she’s got
  • can mess her room up in 3 minutes and takes 5 days to clean it up… under torture
  • is the most girly girl I've ever known
  • loves clothes
  • hates reading, am I allowed to say that in our "perfect internet world?" - wink, wink
  • is a great sales person, I mean, seriously good. She will have no problems finding a job in life.

Victoria, I know you are going to do well on whatever you set your mind to. Keep doing what you are doing, just pay attention to everything around you, when you do something, do it with pride, be kind, be honest and life will just work out.

Birthday girl
Birthday girl

We love you more than you will ever know. Happy Birthday!