And so it's Almost Valentine's Day


If you've known me long enough, you know I dislike Valentine's Day. It took Paul a while to believe me and realize no, I'm not saying that I don't want a card, but deep down I do want and I will get mad if you don't get me one. You can call me the Valentine's Day Grinch, and I don't even care. I think a friend of mine actually called me that before, ha, ha, ha, it just came to me, how funny.

In the US, Valentine's Day is big, very big, so big that you start to see pink and red everywhere as soon as the New Year arrives. Boxes of chocolate, hearts, cards that are so sickly that I can't even read, are everywhere. First you start with a few shelves in the supermarket, but the closer it gets to February 14th, the more you see, and I haven't even mentioned my instagram feed.

I'm all for love and caring, believe me, so...

Why Do I (Despise) Dislike Valentine's Day?


There I said it! And I will say it year after year, after year.

You should show the person you love how you feel on a regular basis and not just save it for 1 day of the year. Buy chocolates and flowers or a jewel, just because you see an advert on the television? And by the way, the week before valentines, that's all they talk about on the telly. Not only tv commercials, but even in the news.

And to top it all off, all restaurants take advantage of it by increasing their menu prices, over booking and making you eat from a fix menu.

And the pressure?

If you're single, you want a boyfriend or girlfriend just to have something to do on Valentine's Day.

If you're a couple, you have to get that perfect gift, the perfect card, say the right thing.

If you're a middle school student, the more valentine's cards you have, the more "popular" you are.

If you're an elementary school student, a list comes home with all the student's names. Everyone gets a card, but you must give the right card. Yesterday I bought some cards for my daughter to take to school and at first she liked them, but then she started saying that so and so wouldn't like the cards she was giving because of the characters on it. I mean, seriously? Ok, fine, they are 8 and explaining that so and so should like the card no matter what it looks like, makes no sense to her. I get it, but my point is, the valentine's pressure start early.

The Solution

  • Tell your loved one how much you love them regularly.
  • Write little random notes
  • Smile more often
  • Actually show love, by cuddling, hugging, talking
  • Have a good laugh together
  • Do you want to give flowers for no reason? Do it!
  • Did you find a necklace that she will love? Don't wait for Feb 14th.
  • Do you think he will like that cologne he's been wanting? This is the time for it.
  • Most importantly, just Be Present.
Valentine's day grinch

Valentine's day grinch