Skin, Lips, Hair


My Skin

Have you been somewhere where only some part of your body gets really dry and everything else is fine?

I feel like that all the time. We used to live here in the DC area years ago, for some reason, still unknown, I started getting rosacea on the right side of my face. It was horrendous, always red, sometimes itchy. I went to dermatologists, tried all different types of creams and nothing worked. After moving to England, it was still there, it got a little better, but my red chick was still red, since I don't use a lot of makeup (which is worse for rosacea anyway), it was always there.

Once in Arizona, just after a few months, my skin got back to normal. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! What did you do, one might ask? Nothing! The only thing I can think of that I did more than before was to have cold showers. Arizona is so hot, that in the summer I couldn't bear to have even lukewarm showers.

My feet on the other hand... I've always had soft legs and feet, except for brutal winters, but in Arizona, it was horrid. My legs and feet got always really, really dry with the extreme hot weather. It wasn't a few months of the year, it was an all year long thing, argh, it drove me insane. My best product was vaseline intensive care, I really couldn't live without it.

My Lips

For the first time in my life, I could forget lip balms and lip gloss. Just like the skin on my face,  my lips loved the weather in Arizona. They were always very soft. Unfortunately that's not the case anymore. My lips are back to being cracked, especially now that the winter is finally here. My favorite lip balm is Carmex. I have one in each pocket, one in each bag, so I always have it with me... it's a necessity.

My Hair

Can you believe that my hair grows faster in humid weather? How funny is that? I just realized that now, after moving back to NoVA, as my hair is really long and desperately needs a hair cut after 4 months of being back here. Victoria and I had them cut right when we got here. In AZ our hair got really dry, not only because of the dry weather, but also because of the hard water, chlorine from the pool and the daily sun. I used a lot of conditioner and even then, it was damaged.

Skin, lips, hair

Skin, lips, hair

In London, Sao Paulo, here in DC, my hair doesn't get as damaged and it grows at super speed. I can use a leave-in conditioner, but the difference is the frizz... oh dear, oh dear... For 3 1/2 years I had to frizz on my hair!!! I was one happy gal, but now... I get out of the house and I can feel it, it drives me crazy.

Not such a big deal if you move once, or don't ever move, you know exactly what you need for your body, especially the most sensitive parts, such as the skin, lips and hair. Now, if you move frequently, when it comes to your body, each place has a different climate and each part of your body reacts differently to it. You definitely can't have it all, it's part of being an expat!