The Unknown


Life is unknown.

You might do what you do everyday, get up at the same time, drink your favorite coffee and walk out the door, but do you know if you will be alive in the next minute? Do you know if someone will stop you on the street and offer you a modeling job because you're just the face they're looking for? Do you know if you will get a call from your child's school telling you she's been in an accident?

We just don't know.

Moving to another city is daunting, but moving abroad is even more scary. At least moving cities, you (usually) speak the same language, have the same culture, eat the same food. Now, when you move from the US to China or from Indonesia to Argentina, things will be different. Of course they will. The lifestyle might be different, you don't understand their jokes, you don't have friends, you feel bloody helpless at times. I get it.

What if you never try? What if you don't give your children the opportunity to encounter another culture, what if you actually enjoy?

I am certain that many people around the world who were planning to move to Paris in a few months are thinking about changing their plans, even people who were planning on just going there on vacation might be thinking of going somewhere else. And I tell you now. Please don't. Stick with your plan. Go an travel to Paris, enjoy the amazing beautiful city it is. Live like a Parisian, learn french, enjoy their food, drink their wine. Paris has been hurt too much already, it needs people coming over, visiting the city, enjoying its beauty (which expands much further than just the Eiffel tower, I tell you).

What if you decide that no, Paris is too dangerous, and you go to Sidney, but then you get robbed or worse, you don't go anywhere, stay in your city and you get kidnapped? Or what if you do go to Paris and you have the time of your life?

Life is uncertain.

We don't know whether we'll wake up in the morning, but one thing we can be certain, we are in this world to live life to our full potential, to have fun, to love and mainly to be happy.

Who would have thought that Sep 11th would happen? I lived near DC at the time, everyone was paranoid, of course. My family in Brazil was worried, but to the best of my abilities, I made sure I was making myself useful, by volunteering to work longer hours where needed, by living life and trying to make sense of what was going on.

So, you live in this tiny little town where everybody knows everybody, and you like life just the way it is, pick the kids up from school, stop at the grocery, go to the office, etc. Then some crazy maniac comes in and shoots everyone in a high school football stadium. It happens. It's happened before. In 2015 alone, there has been 325 mass shootings in the US.

What I really want to bring to life is, we never know how our day is going to turn out. Unexpected things happen all the time. Many of them are great, but sometimes they're bad things and usually they happen to very nice people and it's hard to cope with it, to understand them.

Your decision to move abroad shouldn't be dependent on events that happened. Of course, I am not telling you to move to a war zone, such as Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, that would be nuts. Yes, you should consider every place carefully, weight in the pros and cons, but it shouldn't be the only thing that determines your future. What if you move to Paris, and you meet the love of your life? What if you don't move and miss out on it?

If my life hadn't followed the path that it did, if I hadn't been at a certain birthday dinner party, with the same group of friends I might not have met my now husband of 13 years.



Life is a big question mark.

Don't forget, for Parisians, that was home, their routine, their safe place. I've been thinking a lot about Paris, about what happened, trying to come to terms with something that we can't really make sense of. My cousin was living there about a yr ago, she said she was 2 blocks from one of the places where it got hit. For her it must have hit home really hard.

Don't give up on what might be the best experience of your life because of what you're afraid it might happen, chances are all your fears won't come true. Think of the possibilities, of all you can accomplish, all you can see and do in your new place. Be it DC, be it Quito, be it Amsterdam.