It Cannot Become Routine, but Has it?


Yesterday, I heard President Obama, who was clearly very upset, at the press conference about the school shooting in Oregon. He mentioned that, unfortunately, reporting on these awful events have become routine. To give you an example, I lived in S. Carolina when the there was the shooting at Columbine, and since then many other shootings have happened, to the point that my daughter used to have lockdown practices at her school (not sure if they do it at this new school). Since kindergarten she knows exactly what to do if there is a crazy maniac at her school. She knew what to do if she was in the restroom or in the playground, she was on it, she has to be, because unfortunately it has become a reality. It's human nature, the more you hear the same thing, over and over again, you just accept it. When you live somewhere where it's common for people to wear a watermelon on their neck, you won't notice everyone around you with a watermelon hanging off. If you live somewhere where robbing car radios is a routine event, when a robber is robbing you, you won't feel appalled by it, it will be part of life. But in my opinion, someone thinking that they can scare you and take something from you that you worked so hard to buy, is not fine.

For the sake of all the families who have lost loved ones on any of these awful events, they cannot become routine. They need to be stopped!

Funny Fact: My first ever fire drill was when I lived in Morgantown. I was about 16-17. Yeap, when I was a kid we didn't do fire drills in Brazil. I still don't know if they do it or not. I think a fire drill is extremely important, or depending where you live, hurricane, earthquake drills, etc.