2 Weeks In


We arrived in the DC area on Sep 19th, after 4 long days of driving cross country. For me, it was like entering the twilight zone, I haven't been here in 8 years, and although I recognized a lot of it, so much has changed. NoVA (Northern Virginia) seems so much more developed. Not that it wasn't before, but the high-rises are everywhere, restaurants have expanded, bars have closed down, cinemas have disappeared... But still, some stuff, just remains the same, such as the best place for plane spotting is still gravelly point:

Gravely Point is the best place to spot planes

The Four Sisters might be still the best Vietnamese place around:

We're enjoying our time here. The first week was such a busy week, in between seeing old friends, Victoria' school and Paul's work, it was non-stop. The second week was more relaxed, for me at least. I didn't have any activities at Paul's work, just settling in, taking care of errands and Victoria. At of the moment, I'm a woman of leisure. No complains there.

The leaves are changing:

The Washington Monument is still beautiful from VA:

The cat has become an indoor cat and watches the world from our high-rise apartment:


Oh, and I can't forget to mention the rain! Yes, of course. While hurricane Joaquin is making his way North, we have been getting a lot of rain, like almost non-stop for 3 days straight kindda rain. I'm not complaining, I'm enjoying going from 100F to 60F. Another plus sign, we got to get new umbrellas today, Victoria was the only one with an umbrella in AZ, so we went out to get umbrellas, of course and by the time we got home, the rain had stopped. Funny how that works.

2 Weeks in and I've come to the conclusion that this move is not one of our regular moves, we knew the area, had friends, so, the only one who is really getting adjusted to it all is Victoria. Bless her, she's gone through a roller coaster of emotions, but I think she's getting there.  I will expand on that another day.