The Worst Part About Moving with Kids


So, we are moving!

Yeap, this nomad life never stops...

I'm super excited, and happy to what the future holds, but someone else in this household isn't. Victoria doesn't want to move. She's 8. She is a little social butterfly who loves, loves, loves being with friends, playing and enjoying life.

Today was hard.

As soon as we found out that we were moving, I told her, she didn't like the idea, but put up with it. We have talked over and over again. Paul and I are often throwing hints, about all the friends she is going to make, all the cool stuff she will see and do, but today, after spending the weekend with her best friend, Victoria cracked down. She wants to be with her best friend forever, she's afraid she'll never see her friends again and I can't blame her, I don't know when she's going to see her friends again.

All we can do is try to comfort her, tell her we understand, let her cry as much as she needs to, but also stating calmly the reasons for the move, how it happened, why we are going where we are, and whatever other information she might need.

Just saying: "Don't worry, you will make loads of friends" doesn't work when she's in that state. She doesn't care that she will be making new friends, that means nothing to her. She wants her friends, at this point in time, no new friends will help.

Will she get over it? Of course. Will she bounce back? Not a doubt. But at this point in time, she's hurting and we need to just listen and love her.

After a long cry, a few matches of Uno Dare was great for a few laughs.

I also read "Moving Planets isn't easy" to her. A great little book I found on Amazon about moving with kids.  I highly recommend it for kids over 6. They have it in Spanish as well.