Why I didn't throw My Daughter 1, 2 or 3 yr Old Birthday Parties


Brazilians are famous for partying.  This stereotype is not unfounded, I for once love a good party. I love to dance, to chat and to have a drink with friends. I enjoy the whole vibe and energy from a party, everyone having fun and enjoying themselves, except... when it's a 1yr old party... or a 2yr old... To be honest I don't have anything against the party itself, why would I? My whole thinking is... if you're throwing me a party, I want to remember it (at least the start of it :o) ), but a 1 or 3-yr old, they'll never remember the party.  I can totally understand the mum wanting to celebrate the newborn phase being over, now I'm really going to have haters here, but seriously, joking aside, I don't remember anything from when I was younger than... 5? Maybe older? My daughter doesn't remember hardly anything from our time in England (we moved to the US when she had just turned 5).

The issue is... the parties in Brazil are not like...  let's get a cake at the supermarket and invite the grandparents, uncles and aunts kindda thing. They are more like, let's invite 150-200 people, spend R$10's of thousands and our adorable little princess/prince can fall asleep before we even cut the cake...

Picture taken from google - www.karaspartyideas.com -

So, I did throw her a party when Victoria turned 1, I bought a cake and I put it right in front of her, so she could get it with her bare hands and stuff all over her face, ha!


The grandparents celebrating from the other side of the world

When Victoria turned 4, we threw her an actual party, it was a kid's party, we invited the kids in her classroom, she had the best time ever, played like crazy on the bouncy castle, came home and passed out until the day after. It was a party for her and her friends, not a party pretending to be for her, but, instead, for the adults. Now we have a rule to throw her a party  on every even birthday, 4-6-8...


I know different countries throw big parties as well, especially for the 1st birthday. It celebrates kids' surviving their 1st year, but hell, I should have had a party for myself, for surviving the 1st year. The kids.. they won't remember.

Someday I will write about kids' birthday parties in England and in the US.