Simply Looking for Nail Scissors


My nail scissors finally died. I bought them in Switzerland years ago and they've been traveling with me ever since, they were just right, the perfect pair of scissors. They were old, so, no wonder, they went. When they did, I got rid of them thinking I could just walk up to the first shop and get another pair... big mistake! CVS, Walgreens, WalMart (I can't stand that place), Target, Beauty shops... nothing! They have nail clippers. Well, nail clippers are no good for me. I wanted scissors. They also had cuticle scissors?!? I'd never even heard of cuticle scissor, but you just know that if they're made to cut cuticles, they're no good for hard nails. I was looking for nail scissors forever!

It drove me crazy. I guess, since I'd had mine for so long, I never ever gave it a thought. Seriously, how hard could it be to find one?

Apparently... very.

When Paul and Victoria went to England for their holidays, I asked him to get it, and since he was at the grocery store, he just went to the toiletries section, and there they were, he texted me back with "do you want it curved or straight?" Since I didn't even know what I needed, he got them both.

Sometimes when you're an expat, you will come across things like that. Something that seems so simple to you, back home, is not really that common somewhere else. You live and learn. Now I need to go to Germany or Switzerland to get a good pair that will last me another 20yrs.