Expectations vs Reality


I was looking on YouTube this morning (if you can call 4am morning when it's dark outside) searching for a video while I was having breakfast and the video below was on the fist page. The name caught my attention, so I started watching it. It's about this girl's first impressions of NY, after a few weeks. I thought it was hilarious because it's so true. Not only for NYC,  but London and in my opinion, anywhere you move to. When you decide to move, your mind is your enemy. It creates these fantasies on how life is going to be and it turns out the learning curve is steep.  Not that it isn't worth it, if you've read any of my posts, you know that I believe that moving anywhere is totally worth it, but you will be disappointed at some point.

Like Tess, the girl in the video, you watch movies, you see all those photos on social media and you have a completely misconception of reality, the way she made the video was very smart and funny. It doesn't mean she doesn't like it there, it's just that she moved and her expectations were completely off.

Any other major differences you guys can think off?

Here is the link back to Tess Christine on YouTube.