About that Birthday Present


So, let's talk about my birthday present... I feel like a pro now. I've wanted a starter DSLR for a long, long time, and I got it yesterday. I'm so excited and really overwhelmed with all the buttons, lens, etc, etc. After work, today, I was taking some pictures and they weren't all perfect, but I really liked 5 of them, here they are:


Isn't this lake gorgeous? Right bang in the middle of office buildings, no homes around, so peaceful.DSC_0026

I love these 2, the flowers and the fire-pit, def my favorites.DSC_0037

That one below was yesterday, when I got home from work, my birthday present was waiting for me...


And finally the one from my back yard.DSC_0044

So, there, I've shown off my completely non-professional and very amateur shots.