8 Things NOT to Do in the AZ Summer


The Arizona summer is no joke. I can't stress enough how hot it gets here and how dangerous the heat is. Most people talk about freezing to death, but you hardly hear about heat exhaustion. And how many times can I write heat on 2 lines? (see answer above).

You should not:

Hike - Every year, since I've lived here, we see on the news that people have died while hiking. Just to put it into perspective, in the past 4 days, 3 people have died by doing just that. I was asking Paul today... Why? Why do people wake up in the boiling hot "dry" weather and decide: "wow, it's lovely outside, I think I will go for a hike!" I mean... COME ON!!!! It's 115F out there! Or 104F, or 111F or if you're lucky, 95F. Are these temperatures to be not only walking, but actually getting your body temperature up? Seriously, don't do it!

Touch metals - It burns! Your car will burn you, the door handle will burn you, the gate will burn you, your bike will burn you.

Lay out in the sun - When I lived in England, I loved watching everyone flood the parks when the slightest rays of sunshine appeared in the sky. Everyone lays like a lizard in the sun, and it's perfect, getting those vitamin Ds in. Now... in AZ, your body will not be happy with you. You might turn into a shrimp, or worse, you might get a heat related illness.

Leave your child unattended - Year after year as the summer approaches, we start seeing in the news that babies or toddlers have drawn in pools around the valley. It's sad, but true. Most homes have pools, there are a lot of pool parties this time of the yr and parents get distracted. It's so quick, when you look, the child is gone. Please keep an eye on the little ones, they have no clue.

Leave electronics in the car - If you're going to get out of the car, even if it's covered, don't leave any electronics or cds in the car. They can melt or malfunction, not fun.

Do something else after going grocery shopping - Make the grocery store the last stop before heading home. Milk, meat can spoil in the heat and you don't even realize it.

Leave crayons in the car - They melt and make a mess. I know because Victoria has left a few on the back seat of my old car, and they turned into a lovely mix of goo in the shades of reds,blues and greens...

Be careful out there in the AZ summer!