21 Things to See & Do in London - Part 2


This is the 2nd and final installment of the series: Things to see & do in London. I could probably write a million parts to this series because it seems like choosing 21 things is just not enough for a city like London. I could go on and on and on, but this is not the purpose of this site. If you do go to London, one thing I'd recommend is to bring your best flats or trainers (tennis shoes) and do a lot of walking. This is how you really see the city. My favorite site is Walk London, they give you time frames, tube lines, maps, and sights for each of them. They're brilliant.

11) Buckingham Palace & Change of Guards

The Queen's residence, one of the most iconic buildings in the world. This is where the royal family appears on the balcony to wave at the cheering crowd during a big event. During set times you can watch the change of guards, which is also cool.




Tip: if you go to the top floor restaurant in the London Hilton Park Lane, you can see the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

12) Westminster Abbey

This Abbey is still standing after over 1000 yrs of history. If those walls could talk, I bet they'd have a lot to say. My first trip to London coincided with the death of the Queen Mother and I was right there when they were heading to Westminster Abbey for her funeral, so I got to see the royals. It was an experience. You pay to go in Westminster Abbey, but right behind it, you can walk through the


13) Camden Town

What can I say about Camden Town? I guess you just have to go and check it out. There is no place for prejudice in Camden Town. Enjoy.

07.25Camden21 07.25Camden26 09.26CamdenTown56

Tip: It's always packed, but it's way busier on the weekends.

14) St Katharine's Dock

St Katharine Dock used to be a thriving commercial port bringing cargoes from the West Indies, now, it's still a port, to luxury boats, the home to warehouse apartments and super cute shops, cafes and restaurants.  I love to walk around here.


Tip: Stop by the Dicken's Inn to have a pizza, they think it's been around since the 1700's.

15) London Monument

Very few people actually know about it. It's where the great fire of London started in 1666, which burned the large part of the city.

04.18Monument1 04.18Monument3

Tip: For about 3quid you can climb to the top and have a gorgeous view of London.

16) St Paul's Cathedral

Do you know where Princess Diana got married to Prince Charles? It wasn't at Westminster Abbey, it was here, at St Paul's. With its white top, you can spot it from many places you visit, it seems to be on every picture.



17) Pubs

You can't go to London and not go to a pub. It's part of the culture and part of your tourist/expat experience. They're everywhere, some better than others, some are "gastro pubs" others just regular places to meet your friends and have a pint... or 2.



Tip: On a hot summer day, instead of a pint, order pimm's. A Typical summer drink in England. I'll post the recipe here someday.

18) The South Bank

Follow the Thames along, pass the London Eye and you will be in a place where the famous London Christmas market takes place, they are always hosting events, be it in the winter or in the summer, you will find something to do there.

07.10BigDance7 07.10BigDance8 07.10BigDance14

Tip: In the actual centre, indoors there are lots of plays, classical music shows, and amazing presentations from all over the world.

19) Musicals & The West End

The West End is the Broadway of London. Most musicals are located there, in the evenings you can walk around, and enjoy the vibe. Make sure you get a ticket in advance, maybe with a concierge of a hotel, or a trusted source.

Just one of many amazing shows.

Tip: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is amazing and hilarious.

20) Chinatown

Chinatown is Chinatown, everywhere I've been to, it's a little box of surprises. I enjoy visiting them whenever I go to a big city. Plus, you can get some really great Chinese food, just stay away from tourist traps.

This picture belongs to: blog.friendlyrentals.com. I couldn't find any of mine.

Tip: Chinese NY is not the best day to visit chinatown. It gets very packed.

21) Harrods

Previously owned by Mohamed Al Fayed, Harrods is an incredible store with some of the most expensive items in London. They became famous by having the "nothing is impossible to deliver" attitude, if you have the money to pay for it, you can get it.


Tip: Book an afternoon tea at Harrods.

Like I said previously, I could just feel this blog with things to do in London, but I won't.  21 things is enough. I hope you enjoy it.