21 Things to See & Do in London - Part 1


When you first move somewhere it's all new, you go sightseeing, you get out of the house to see and visit as much as possible. After a while it all becomes very normal and you don't make as much of an effort. Life goes on as normal and you get into a routine. Sometimes where you're living doesn't have so much to do and see, sometimes you're far from everything, who knows. In London, for me it was always a "tourist day", I worked across from Big Ben and next door to the London Eye, I couldn't help looking at "The Ben" everyday, I never got used to that view. Now, London is so big, there is so much to do & see that this list will be split.

Here are the top  21 things to see & do in London:

1) Big Ben & Houses of Parliament

2002London1 2002London25

Although they're separate things, they're 2 in 1, the buildings are connected. Did you know that the Big Ben is actually called Elizabeth Tower? Only UK residents are allowed to visit by contacting their MP (member of parliament). If you'd like to visit the Houses of Parliament, you can do that on Saturdays or when it's not in session.

Tip: You can start your day right here and you can walk to a lot of different sights from here.

2) Tower of London & Tower Bridge

The Tower of London was where all traitors used to be hung or have their heads cut off. This is also where the Crown jewels live. It's an amazing experience, the place is massive and there is so much history, remember Queen Anne Boleyn? She was beheaded here.




Tip: Make it a day, the tower is big and there is so much to see. After, have a walk all the way the top of Tower bridge.

3) Parks (any)

For being such a big city, London is very green, it has parks everywhere. While visiting London, take a day to rest and eat a picnic at the park. A few of London's parks: Hyde park, Richmond, Green park, Battersea, St James park, Regent's park, Clapton common, Victoria park, and many, many others, everywhere. Who knows, you might see a deer or 2...



Richmond Park

Tip: Bring a blanket or rent one of the park chairs, sit and relax. It's worth it.

4) Museums

The city of London is full of culture, you look around and it's there, you don't need to look very far. Museums are FREE!!!! And everyone should be visiting them. I went to the Science, National History, Victoria & Albert, British museums so many times, I've lost count, to name a few, there are many, many more.



Tip: If you head to the Victoria & Albert museum, stop by the Royal Albert Hall, it's an amazing Opera house.

5) Convent Garden

I love Convent Garden, but on nice days only. Everyone is out, markets everywhere, street artists... It's really lovely.



Tip: In this restaurant below, there are musicians, playing classical music, so relaxing.

6) The London Eye

It opened in 2000, first time I went was in 2001 and still owned by BA, but little did I know that I'd be going to it with every visitor I had in town... and as I worked at the Marriott next to it, I went many times over with clients. And it never got old...



Tip: You can get hitched or have afternoon tea up in a capsule.

7) Greenwich

Not in London, but worth a trip, if you have time. I used to like taking the clipper (an unusual method of public transport, a speed boat) and go to Greenwich. You can stand right on the line that divides E and W, you have a gorgeous view from the top of the park and visit the national maritime museum.


Tip: Enjoy the day in Greenwich. It's a village with loads of markets, cute restaurants...

8) The City

I love this area. It's buzzing all week-long and deserted on the weekends. It's the business district and I loved walking around there, it's my thing, I love the hustle bustle of it all.


Tip: On weekends even restaurants close, don't plan on going there unless you want to see a ghost town.

9) Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street & Oxford Street

Piccadilly circus is a circle where Regent street meets Piccadilly. The famous Eros statue is always packed with people trying to get a photo, honestly, I don't think I ever got a photo with no one else in it. It's crazy packed. Oxford st & Regent's st are shopping central. All major stores are



Tip: I advise heading to Oxford street as early as possible to beat the crowds.

10) Trafalgar Square & National Gallery

So, this guy Napoleon lost the battle of Trafalgar and the Brits celebrated it by creating Trafalgar sq. Nelson's column is guarded by 4 lions (which were cast from the melted ships from the battle above, talk about rubbing it in). The National Gallery is right there, over 2300 beautiful paintings from all over).



Tip: Climbing up for a picture with the lions is harder than I thought, but worth it.

Stay tuned for the part 2!!!