How Hot is Arizona in the Summer?


This is a question I get asked ALL the time. And my answer is always: Hot! "This past weekend was the hottest so far this year" I keep hearing the newscast repeat over and over. I mean, we are nearing summer, so you'd expect each weekend to be the hottest as it goes on, but when they mean hottest, they mean, bloody hot! Like the temperatures jumped from 84-85F to 105-107F in 1 week!!!

One unhappy Brazilian here my friends.

I want to explain how it feels, but it's hard, you walk out of the (very) cold air conditioning and this hot oven air hits you all over. Your body gets extremely hot at once. The only good thing about it is that it's a dry heat. And believe me, this is the only good thing about it.

Can you believe that sometimes it's too hot to go in the swimming pool? Yeap, I kid you not! The water gets so hot during the day that it's not refreshing and the only time we can swim is at night!

From now until mid-September the temperatures will continue to go up. If I remember it right, I think last year it was 125F one day, argh! Get me out of here!

Anyways, it's part of life of living in the valley, 9 months of gorgeous weather and 3 months of not so nice, really hot days. And then I laugh at some of my friends back in England who, every time there is a rare blue sky, they take a picture and post, insinuating that London is not grey. I laugh because that used to be me. I do believe that London's reputation is worse than what it actually is, but.... it's not too far off. Paul wasn't in London for 24hrs and it started raining, ha! Victory, because I'd be really mad if the weather was perfect the whole time that he is there. That way, I can make fun of him and he makes fun of me, love it!

If you're getting ready to move to Phoenix, get ready for some heat!