Day Trip from Phoenix - Sedona

If you live in the Greater Phoenix area, there are lots of day trips you can go on. One place that I take everyone who comes to visit is Sedona. It's the cutest town, surrounded by red rock mountains, and where apparently everyone who is into crystals and vortexes head to, for some... well, you know... purification of souls, or... whatever... Sedona is about 2hrs from Phoenix, and it's nice to visit at anytime of the year, even in the summer it is a little cooler than Phoenix. So, today I met some friends and we drove up for a hike. I had never done a hike in Sedona, if I hike I pretty much stay in the Phoenix area, so I was excited.

We decided on Westfork, you pay $2/person, or $10/car and they're open between 9am-8pm. It's a popular hike, so it gets busy. Ok for children, dogs, babies, grandparents, etc.

Our hike started great, beautiful creeks, gorgeous pine trees, cliffs towering over you, so gorgeous, I highly recommend it. Then, all of a sudden, 30% chance of rain, turned into 100% certainty. It started drizzling and within 5min, it was pouring down, the sky was black, crazy stuff. So we decided to turn around and go back. According to my phone, we walked for about 85 minutes, which is not bad.

After the hike, the plan was to have lunch and walk around town, but right as we finished lunch, the rain followed us into town, and kicked us out of there. We just made our way back.

Here are some of the photos I took today and some photos of Sedona from the various trips we've taken there. I love that place.