7 Rules to Follow When Going back Home for Vacation


Believe me or not, one of the most stressful holidays you can have is when you go back home for a visit. Don't get me wrong, I love going home, but it's stressful. It's a lot of planning and at the end, there's never enough time and you won't see everyone you wanted to see, do what you wanted to do and eat what you wanted to eat. Before you go you should make some rules, nothing strict, of course, but a few will help along the way:

  1. Make a priorities' list
  2. Be flexible, plans (might) will change, remember! You're on vacation! Go with the flow.
  3. Try to meet up at home or somewhere where you can invite a lot of people and see them all at once, Even if they don't know each other, it will be fun because they are there to see you.
  4. If you plan on traveling, make sure you black out dates and don't be scared to tell people you won't be available.
  5. You are on holidays, but everyone else isn't. Your family & friends have their routines and believe me, they love you very much, but they won't drop everything just to see you.
  6. Enjoy as much as you can, and
  7. Be ok if not everything on your list gets checked off.

In my opinion, the most important thing about going home is to see the ones we love, be with them and at the same time enjoy ourselves. It's hard enough to miss weddings, birthdays, graduations, funerals, so make the most of it when you get the time to visit.

Just remember the list above and have fun!! In any case you will need another holiday when you leave.