What No one Tells You About Your Favorite Toiletries When Moving

Favorite Toiletries We all have our favorite shampoo, toothpaste, conditioner and so on. When we move abroad, we tend to make sure we have enough of it for the duration of our stay overseas. I know, I've done that. Now I don't anymore, and let me tell you why...

... are you ready for this? Believe it or not, every country sells shampoo, conditioners and face creams. Ok, ok, it might not be the same brand, but guess what? You might get something very, very similar to what you're used to.

Think about it,

when you bring 2, 3 bottles of shampoo, then another 2 bottles of conditioner, and an extra box of soap, just in case... you are increasing the weight in your suitcase. Your suitcase is premium space, think about an apartment in London, Tokyo  or New York, you do the best you can  with the minimal space you have. The same goes for suitcases, if airlines had their way, they'd bane suitcase carrying once and for all.

When you move abroad, airlines don't care that you're going for 1 or 2 yrs, they will charge you for extra kg/lbs. Pack smart and don't waste your space with heavy things that you know you can buy abroad, such as toiletries. the same goes for that prom dress, believe me, I did that when I went to Morgantown, I brought a prom dress... ok, let's stop right there...

If you do need to bring that special cream, made of the finest urine of that random animal in the Amazon, ok, bring that, but be ruthless with everything else.