8 Steps to Get a Job in the UK

Waterfall When you move to the UK (my experience was in London) you will start looking for jobs and if you aren't used to it, you will find out the "joys" of employment agencies. The most annoying and idiotic way to find jobs, although online applications are on the same level, if not worse.

When we got to London, we started looking for jobs straight away. We went to loads of interviews and I mean loads. The thing is, you interview with the employment agency, then with the actual place, it's just unnecessary work. I don't understand why companies can't do this job themselves.

The process in a nutshell:

  • You look for the jobs you want Everything is online.
  • Apply for the job (s) Apply for as many as you can.
  • The employment agency calls you for an interview Even if it's just at the emp. agency, dress appropriately
  • After that interview, they will schedule another with the actual company for another interview This is the one that counts, practice loads before
  • Dress appropriately for your industry Each industry is different, hotels are stuck up
  • Kick some ass
  • Write a thank you note Again, I guess this depends on the industry, but I don't really know what difference it makes, in my opinion, it just puts HR managers in a pedestal, and make them feel good about themselves, there, I said it!
  • Get the job!
  • If not, start all over... better luck next time!

In my case, I was interviewing mainly for hotels and event venues, as this is what I worked in my previous life. The one interview question that used to drive me crazy was: "Do you have London experience?" Well, if you don't give me a job how on Earth am I going to get "London experience"? It was insane.

Bad Interviews

I had 2 really bad ones, one was at the Chelsea Football Club, I was really excited, but it turned out that pollen count was at its highest and my eyes couldn't stay open and I wanted to sneeze the whole interview. Awful! Later the guy from the agency asked why I didn't cancel, but I thought it'd give me a black mark, so I didn't. Another one, I went to this hotel somewhere near King's Road and the manager started checking his text messages. I was so close to getting up and leaving. I thought it was the rudest thing ever. I never even wrote a thank you note.