Prepare For Your Foreign Outlets

Last week I asked my husband if he had any post ideas for me and at first he came up with nothing. Apparently he knows everything about everything that there is to do with moving abroad and when he moves he doesn't need any information at all.  He's that good! So, after a few minutes he gave me the idea to write about foreign electrical appliances. Old Radio


Pretty boring stuff, but very important when you're moving to another country, especially because nowadays every household has, what I call, an army of electrical appliances. Be it in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the living room. Honestly, I'm all for that, it makes my life much easier.

One of the things to check when you move abroad is the country's voltage and what kind of sockets they have, foreign outlets and plugs can be a pain. For instance, Switzerland and England, both use 220v, while Brazil and the US use 110v. Actually, in Brazil things are even more exciting! Voltage might vary from city to city, yeap, you read it correctly, you might have voltage 110 in one city and change to 220 in a city 2hrs away. Oh and don't forget the different outlets... They're all different, funny when you think about it, not so funny when you don't have the right stuff.


When we moved to England we bought about 3-4 transformers, super heavy and hard to maneuver (and they hurt when you kick). We also brought loads of little adapters. The transformers were mainly for our big stuff that take only 110v and the adapters for the actual plugs.

adapters  voltagetransformer