Top 11 Daily Apps

I use my phone daily. I love my phone and I really do use it, but besides all of the apps I have, I have certain ones that I use every single day for one thing or another. My fav apps at this point in time are:

calendar  I use it daily to remind me of stuff I need to do. I never used to use it, I always liked the good ol' pen and paper, but now I'm finding it very useful because it's right there, right on my face.

camera The camera is a given. I take photos of Victoria daily almost and the camera on my Samsung S5 is amazing.

chromeMy fav browser. I just search everything on chrome.

dropboxAll my pics go on here, so I use it daily to check them and to save random things.

economist I subscribe to the economist and I get daily snippets of news not included in the magazine. It's a quick daily read to keep me updated.

email My emails... hummm, I get a lot of junk, so I basically spend all day deleting emails. Honestly it's not really junk, it's stuff I subscribed to at some point in my life, but not stuff that I want to read daily, so I delete them unless the header grabs my attention.

evernote  Love everynote. I just put everything in it. Now I need to spare sometime to organize it, but I just leave it for later...

google maps This doesn't mean that I don't know where I'm going, I'm actually pretty good around Phoenix, but I love using this map on my way to work because it gives me the quickest time to get to the office. Since I drop Victoria at school, I'm always short for time and trying to find the quickest way there.

instagram Everyday, all the time.

keeper The keeper, my brain cannot keep all of these passwords sorted.

whatsapp & viberChatting with my cousins, friends and my brother is brilliant.

What are your daily apps?