Things I've Learned: No Regrets

When you think of your past, do you think, I wish I had been more bold, I wish I had danced more or I wish I'd been more studious or followed my heart?


Stop right now!!

Seriously, no one can ever change what's been, we can only change the future. Think about it, our past has shaped who we are today, and our present is shaping who we will be tomorrow. Who we are today is the best that there is with how we've lived our lives until now.

How I think about my life is, whatever I've done, the decisions I've made, whatever I've said were things that happened at one point in time.


I refuse to have any regrets about any decision I've made in my life. Are there things that I wish I hadn't done, yeah, of course. But having no regret means that I understand that every decision I've ever made, for me or my family was whatever I thought was right at that point in time. And for that I can't have any regrets. Life is too short to be wasted.