Press Publish

Yesterday I participated in the Press Publish pilot program for WordPress. It was amazing. It was held in one of the best museums in Phoenix, the Heard Museum. It's all about the Native Americans, their History and the different tribes. PressPublish1

Apparently there is a big WordPress community in Phoenix, which I didn't know, and they were testing the waters, to see if would be worth it. It was really cool.


I learned loads and was happy that I went.

It lasted all day, they had successful WordPress bloggers and the "Happiness Engineers" giving loads of tips and advises to bloggers of all levels, from beginners to more advanced. Seriously, wouldn't you like to have this title? You can't be grumpy with a title like that...


My very first blog, many moons ago, a.k.a. 2004 was with msn. Seriously, it was so bad, I tried to forget very quickly. Then I moved on to blogger, after all, google machine was taking over the world and I wanted to be part of it, ha! After a few years with blogger, I got fed up with it, I don't even know why, but moved over to WordPress. Of course, I stopped blogging for a few years, but every time I decided to go back, I never gave it another thought, to go with a different company. So I was happy to join on my first WP event. PressPublish3

The superstar bloggers


The guest bloggers they had were all amazing. Each had something from their own experience to share.

Katherine Fritz from I'm Begging My Mother Not To Ready This Blog and Lady Pockets. Was so funny and at the same time, I really got where she was coming from. She was talking about authenticity and about life not being perfect, so you don't have to be perfect. Which I totally get! It drives me nuts all these blogs and instagrams with people just showing off their perfect lives, with their perfect hairs and their perfect families, and everything is so perfect that makes me want to puke.

Russ Candrall from The Domestic Man talking about how he found his voice and only after that he started to get noticed. People connected with him, once he started talking about what he was passionate for.

Emily Austin from The Waiting Blog was there, but unfortunately I missed her presentation because I was on a CSS workshop (learning computer languages is harder than I thought...). She has a super successful "mummy blog" and even got a full time job because of that.

Kathy Cano-Murillo who surprised me. Her blog is called Crafty Chica. Look, I will be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to it, simply because I am not crafty at all, I get bored with it, I don't like it and it all comes down to, me not being good at it. But this woman from Phoenix is super, super, super talented and I really think she works 36hrs a day, no, seriously, her day must have 36hrs, I don't know how she gets it all done. Besides being in all social media platforms, she does offers online courses, writes books and crafts. I was tired just listening to her. She's brilliant!

All in all it was a good day.