A Kick Ass Day for Someone I Know

Yesterday was a big day for Victoria. Once upon a time she was scared of being in front of crowds, like during her kindergarten presentation, where she spent the whole time like this: 05.29School10skitch

But this weekend it was different, she was proud and ready for it. Victoria had her cheerleading competition. Never in my wild dreams I thought that my daughter would be a cheerleader, but hey, why not, right? She climbs trees,

Climbing Trees

Plays football:


And plays starwars:


So, why not cheerleader?

She said she was a little nervous as they walked in, but she had fun, even when the girls that were supposed to hold her up dropped her, yes, panic! Cheerleader

She was a champ, she smiled and continued with the routine. it was the regionals and her team got 3rd place! She's been wearing her medal ever since, she is so proud!