I'm a Dog Person, but our Cat is Alright

Let me introduce you to our cat. He is native of Arizona, hasn't traveled anywhere yet, and he is so lazy that he probably wouldn't like it anyways. Our other cat, Moxy was a "jet-setter", She lived in 4 different towns, in 2 different countries. Not a very friendly cat, who got adopted by my father-in-law and currently lives in London. Moxy1

The cat I want to talk about is our current cat, Boots. My daughter named him Boots because he's grey with white paws, like little boots.

He's the best cat ever because in my opinion, he is a dog in the body of a cat. That's right, he follows you around, gives you love, is kind, a bit clumsy, and wants company for breakfast. These are qualities of dogs and that's what makes them so lovable, but no, not cats and that's why cats are so arrogant.

How did we get Boots? We left home one evening a couple of years ago, it was raining and we heard this very distinct whine. On our way back I heard it again, but didn't really pay attention to it. The next morning, we were going to Costco and I could hear the same whine, I thought for sure there was a cat up on a tree somewhere, when I looked up, I didn't see anything, so we left.

On our way back, as we unloaded the car, this kitty came running towards Victoria, as if he was saying, "I got you and I'm not letting you go". It was the sweetest thing, he was brushing himself on her legs, and my thoughts were: "Oh no, this is not good". My husband, a cat person, offered this random kitty some tuna and water, of course the kitty didn't refuse it. He hibernated under our dinner table for about 8hrs, and never left.


It happens a lot in AZ that people will dump litters of kittens and puppies on the side of the road, or in private neighborhoods. Boots got luck, a lot of them don't, unfortunately.