How to Make the Best of Your Area Orientation Tour?

homesSometimes you will move and that's it, you've never been to the place before, you don't get a chance to and it's all a big surprise. On the other hand sometimes your company (or your new company) will give you a weekend/week/day for an area orientation tour. When I worked in Real Estate I did a lot of relocation tours. I loved it. I did national and international tours. On that note, here are a few things to make it work for you.

  • Try to get your company to at least give you a full day. I've seen people with half day house tours. It's hard.


  • Be open-minded when you visit somewhere new. I've heard someone say that after spending 1 weekend in a certain foreign country, they rejected the company's offer to move. I understand that it can be overwhelming, but visiting a place with jet lag, tired, sometimes is not ideal, so keep an open mind and don't focus on the negatives.


  • If the company hires a real estate agent, make sure that you give him/her as much info as you can, they will be working to help you, but they can't do it properly if you don't offer candid feedback on what you need/want.


  • If you are scheduled for a day, let's say, a Friday with a professional, book your return flight for Sunday evening. Try to spend the weekend not sightseeing, but going to a local event instead, with locals.


  • Bring your spouse, if you can, or have them on Skype/hangouts. It will save you time when making decisions after.


  • If they can't come for any reason, video places or inside homes, it will help your spouse feel as part of the decision.


  • In Arizona, for example, realtors are forbidden by law to tell you what area you should live based or racial background or schools. They can give you the information to research and investigate, but they can't say: "I think you'd love this area, loads of people from Sweden like you live here!" or "This is a great area, loads of good schools and no robbery". I love that law, I think it makes perfect sense, but people don't get it. It is hard for realtors to explain this law. But think about it, a good area for me, might not be all good for me, and I might not want to live next to the biggest Swedish community in the USA :-)


  • If you have kids, arrange to visit schools. If a realtor or a relocation company calls them in advance, they can arrange a visit.


  • If you are looking to be near lakes in Arizona, take a deep breath and again, be open-minded... there aren't many around here. Even if they show in a map, it doesn't mean they aren't dried up. Again, be open-minded.


  • Did I say, be open-minded?


  • Have fun!