Lost in Translation, in the Same Language

translation Before we moved back to the US, Victoria had a full blown British accent. After starting school, she started losing her accent, after about 6 months of living in the US, she was speaking "American".  The reason was that she hates being the center of attention, and of course, all the kids loved her accent, and they all commented on it, so faster than we could convince her otherwise, she was done.

Besides having lived in England for the first 5 years of her life, Victoria is super American, more than I'd have thought she'd be and Paul makes a lot of fun of her and vice-versa. Yes, she makes fun of him too.

Tonight at dinner we were talking when Victoria was saying restroom, Paul was saying toilet and Victoria was thinking it was all very disgusting, so he says, "I'm saying the same thing as you!", so I explained to him that she was thinking of the toilet bowl ha, ha, ha...

It's just like portuguese from Brazil and portuguese from Portugal, a lot of the words mean different things wherever you are.

I love seeing the 2 of them with question marks above their heads, not getting what each other is saying... it's the same language for crying out loud!

And me? Well, I just make up my own words... I mix portuguese and english, and wonder why no one gets what I'm saying... and it's all good :-)