Happy "Being Irish" Day

Over the weekend I was reading some of my fave blogs and John from Storytime with John wrote an article on how funny it is that this week, all Americans turn Irish. I think this fascination is hilarious. And it's not a myth. On this post I mentioned how I worked in an Irish restaurant, and it used to puzzle me, and crack me up at the same time, how everyone seems to be Irish because their great, great, great, great grandfather 5 times over was Scottish married to an Irish woman, or something along those lines. I for once could say I'm Irish because my mother in law was Irish? Ha, I actually never thought about that before. It sounds funny, even just writing it.

Seriously now, no, I'm joking, I don't consider myself Irish or ever will, besides the fact that Paul would make so much fun of me, that it would become too unbearable.

Anyways, St Patrick's day is a party day. I'm all for a good party and the Irish know how to party. So, I'll celebrate it, be it going to a parade, a pub, a party, Count me in.

Paddys day