Bringing Pets into the UK

When we moved to the UK back in 2007, we had a cat and since the move was very last minute, everything else feels like it was done in fast forward motion. All I can remember is a big blur of things, just getting loads of paperwork done, not only for us, but for our cat as well. At one point my husband had to travel down to Richmond (about 2hrs each way) to get some kind of official vet certificate (see below).cat In the UK they have this Pet Travel Scheme, which says that pets (dogs, cats or ferrets) coming into the UK (from any of these countries) must be quarantine, unless...

  1. They get microchipped (before being vaccinated)!!
  2. They get vaccinated for rabies (booster & blood tests) - after being microchipped!!
  3. Pet passport (or official vet certificate) must show (in the correct order):
  • your pet's date of birth
  • microchip #, date, where it is
  • vaccination date, name, batch #, valid until

Pet must travel within 5 days of you travelling.

4. Tapeworm treatment (for dogs)

Treatment must be done within 1-5 days of entry.dog1

If the steps above aren't met...

... Your pet will have to go into quarantine, and you will be responsible for all charges, including transport costs. dog2

All information is available on this UK government website. If you make sure your vet write down all information correctly, you and your pet will be just fine and quarantine won't be needed.