A Life of Firsts I

If you ever decide to move abroad, you will be like a kid again learning new things... all the time. Even when you think you know it all you will still learn something. This weekend I went to my first  baseball game! I knew nothing about the sport, and I mean nothing! Except that there was a pitcher, ha!

2015-03-15 16.11.22

2015-03-15 15.22.11

It was a work event, they had a box, game food, beer and comfy seats, fun! Not only that, but plenty of people to teach me. I enjoyed my first experience, not sure I will become a baseball fan, but my daughter was all excited teaching me the rules as well, so who knows... we might end up watching more and more games. Although... my husband doesn't like it very much, he thinks it's boring. I did find it a little slow, but if you have  a team to support, I can see how it can get exciting.

How come you went to a baseball game if the season is not on yet? you might ask...


Well, in AZ and FL, you have something called Spring Training. It's when all the teams come over to train for the season. They play each other from February until beginning of season, on either the grapefruit (Florida) or cactus (Arizona) leagues.

During spring training, the city is packed. People come from all over to watch games, they are cheaper than the games during the actual season, the atmosphere is so much more relaxed, and it's warm.

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