Quick Guide to Cell Phones in the USA

cell phones So you are moving over to the US, you bring your smartphone, get into a shop, and... wait, Verizon? Oh, sorry, you need to purchase a brand new phone because they don't use GSM, and by that I mean, no chip inside the phone to change into a new network and get out of there talking. Not only that, but they are one the most expensive networks in the country. In saying all that, they are the network provider with the largest coverage in the country, and some headsets do come with GSM, but not sure which phones.

Other CDMA only networks in the US:

  • Sprint
  • Virgin Mobile (I used them before and they have the worst customer service in history! But if you are a student, they have great prepaid plans)
  • U.S. Cellular (I confessed I had never heard of them until I started researching for this post and apparently they are #5 in the country)
  • Metro PCS
  • Cricket
  • Boost


  • AT&T (Excellent coverage and excellent customer service, but very expensive - Started copying T-mobile now with rollover data plans)
  • T-Mobile - In my opinion, if you travel overseas at all, this is the best company to go with. No contracts, if you have credit, you can get the latest phone and pay monthly, rollover data, and unlimited everything plans.

As mentioned, I've used Virgin Mobile, AT&T and T-mobile, and in my opinion, T-mobile is the best one.

Moving here from Europe I realized how expensive cell phones companies are, it has gotten better in the almost 3 years that I've been here, but they still have a long way to go. It doesn't have to be so expensive, it isn't in other countries, so why is it here?