Of course I would write about the Superbowl

Did you watch the game? Did your team win? Or did you only watch because of the commercials? I didn't grow up watching "American" Football, and it is still very hard for me to understand the game, although, I'm getting better at it. I even supported a team yesterday, yay! I supported the team that lost, but I supported, go Seahawks! My decision was based solely by how they turned the game around (on their NFC Championship game - ok, I had to google which game this was because although I did watch the game and I thought their turn around was amazing, I had not clue) and because it seemed like everyone else was supporting the Patriots.

Alright, let's talk ads: I thought there were some good ones, and some bad ones, but no great ones, unfortunately.

For me, the top and bottom 5 are:

1) Always (do it like a girl!)

2) Fiat (the blue pill)

3) Bud Light (pac man)

4) Budweiser  (puppy)

5) Sprint (donkey)

I also liked the #nomoreorg ad very much. I am glad they got a spot at half time, I think they should have been last because being first they are quickly forgotten about.

1) Nationwide (boy who died in an accident)

2) Doritos (plane)

3) Esurance (pharmacy)

4) T-mobile (Famous person Kim?!?!?! - the description says it all)

5) Skittles (the last yellow one) - I had high hopes for this ad, the ending killed it.

Now, I have a couple of questions about the superbowl:

1) Why is it considered a "championship world final", if only American teams play in it?

2) Why does the quarterback get all (ok, most of) the credit for the touchdowns, for what I can see, the main player in a touchdown play is the one trying to get the ball to cross the line? (it was proved in the last 20 secs yesterday, that without him, there is no touchdown).

And finally,

I loved this follow up ad from First bank, not because of them, but because it reminded EVERYONE that commercials AREN'T real, it's all acting. In my opinion there are more pressing issues in the world to worry about.