Where are You Moving To? There Might Be an Event Going on.

Every country has events through out the year, and with this blog, I want to provide information to not only people trying to move abroad, but those who are living elsewhere in this vast world of ours as well. I thought it would be cool to do a printable on events per month through out the world, and I tell you... it was a lot of work! But I enjoyed it, it was fun. Of course, I am aware that festivals, events will be missing, but it's a list that I plan on updating every year, so if you don't see a major event this year, let me know and it will make the cut next year.

Right now I have January's list (sorry for the delay), I hope you will enjoy it and who knows, there might an event near you that you didn't know about...

January world festivals 2015


ps- If you also see any mistakes, please let me know.