What is a Mum to Do

I had another post in mind I was going to do today, but I just came back from my daughter's school as I had to drop her off and ask the teacher a question, well, it turns out that my question lead to me learning that my daughter is 3rd to last in a classroom of 25 kids in reading!!!! I'm shocked and I can't believe it. But thinking back, maybe I can. So, something MUST change in this household!!! There will be a lot more reading going on.

Victoria was always a kid that claimed she didn't like reading, but towards the end of last year, she started enjoying it and even changed her tune, which I was ever so grateful and happy for. In school they provided tutoring, and she really enjoyed that, so I thought things were changing and she was improving. I saw an improvement.... Now it turns out that it must have been in my head because she is way below where she should be and I am going a bit crazy trying to figure out ways to make her read more without turning her off of books completely!!!

I guess I don't understand it because I've always liked reading, from the moment I could put letters together, I was always reading everything that popped in front of me, I loved the fact that I could make sense of the world around me. I do realize I have not been doing as much reading now as I did before, especially in front of Victoria.

So, here is another New Year's goal. 2015 will be the year of reading in my household!!!  Oh yes!

Pictures like these make me happy